Many Youths and experienced executives are pursuing dreams of being an entrepreneur for a good life and standard of Living. These Entrepreneurs and Startups are changing the world and technology is helping them explore the world and to connect with potential customers, suppliers from not only India but around the world.

Young children in the age of 15 and above are launching companies since companies can exist in the digital space and the cost of startups is quite low due to the revolution of Information and Technology. New Technology and Youthful Enthusiasm is helping youths to build large companies from their house itself.

But on the other hand, Life has been difficult for others. Out of over 2,50,000 new business started in the Year 2017, approximately 1,50,000 businesses and around 1,00,000 Consumer Products failed in India Markets.

Most people, especially the Youths, are attracted to highly glorified and glamorous words: Entrepreneurship, Startup, Be Your Own Boss and what not! It’s time to understand the reality so there is less suffering. In lack of finances and planning, several new ventures with great products and ideas are closed before they even start.

Several young people have lost lakhs for rupees causing stress in the family. Entrepreneurship means higher responsibility and needs careful planning. Saarthi is a Business Consulting Firm that provides support and infrastructure for Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Inventors to Start, Establish and Grow Businesses and bottom line. Saarthi will help you prevent losses in the starting phase of your Starting Business/Startup. We want these youths to avoid wasting time and money in starting their businesses/startups.

Our Services range from Startup Plan and to prepare Your Business for your beginning phase and that of future growth. Some of the services that we offer are:

  1. How to start Business
  2. Establishing Business and Prepare a Business Plan
  3. Office Setup/Availability of Business Premises
  4. Developing A Sales & Marketing Program
  5. How to Arrange and Manage Finances
  6. Corporate Identity & Brand Management- Website, Internet Marketing, Advertising, Exhibitions, Events and P.R.
  7. Sales Promotion
  8. Client Relationship Bldg
  9. Team Building
  10. Building Client Network
  11. Preparing People to Perform
  12. Providing Candidates for Growth and Change
  13. Entrepreneurship
  14. Marketing Consultancy
  15. New Ideas & Solutions
  16. Business Plans
  17. Placement
  18. Effective Time Management
  19. Revitalizing Your Strategic Efforts
  20. And Much More….

SAARTHI wants to help those Entrepreneurs or Start-Ups who wish to reap big dividends for their foresight by preparing themselves for boom times ahead. We are here to help you meet your goals and objectives so that You can contribute positively to the World.

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